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Practical facts & prices "Baroque music in 415 Hz: Buxtehude & his potential son-in-law Bach"

Admission and confirmation

It is our aim to form groups well-balanced according to their musical level. This is our first criterion when selecting participants. The second is the date of registration. If two candidates are of equal level for one place, preference will be given to the candidate who applied first. Please contact La Pellegrina if you have any doubts about your musical level or ability.

For the above reasons all registrations will first be collected. Final confirmation of participation cannot be given until 1 March. In view of the limited number of places it is recommended to register early. It is possible to apply after 1 March, but only for places that are still vacant.

Robert Klotz: “I flew across an ocean to attend La Pellegrina. Would swim if I have to get there next year.”

To register

You can register for a course by filling out the registration form (see the link at the bottom of each course page) completely and transferring a deposit of EUR 250. We will then send you provisional confirmation of your registration. Deposits will naturally be refunded to applicants who cannot be placed. The entire fee is to be paid on 15 June at the latest.

To pay

La Pellegrina offers two methods of payment. You may either transfer your payment to bank account NL33 ASNB 0707 2500 72 in name of La Pellegrina, Utrecht, Netherlands (for transfers from outside the European Union: BIC ASNB NL21). Or you can pay the easy way through PayPal, the safest online payment method. PayPal accepts the following credit cards: MasterCard Visa American Express. Because PayPal charges us a percentage of the amount paid, we have to add a fee of EUR 15 to the deposit for payments made through PayPal.

Click on the button to pay your deposit using PayPal:

Marrie Kardol: “The beautiful inspiring environment, the orderly progress of the program, the good preparation and the friendly and pleasant way in which the tutors deal with the participants ...., all this makes Pellegrina a must for every music lover!”


The course fee - EUR 900 per person - includes accomodation in simple double rooms at the hostel, breakfast, lunch and some dinners. Travel and insurance expenses are not included. Any bank charges are payable by the participant.

Not yet 36? Student? Pay the reduced price!

Applicants up to 35 years old and fulltime students at a university or polytechnic pay EUR 550  per course, per person. Please send us a copy or scan of your registration with an university or other institution of higher education, or of your passport as proof of age.

Maarten Dollekamp: We do not seem quite right in the head: 1000 km travel, many days of hard work and also paying for it. But yes, it is always very worthwhile

Reduction for early applicants

If you apply before 1 Marchyou will receive a reduction of EUR 50 on the course fee. This applies both to the normal fee and to the reduced fee for students and those under 36 (but not for auditors). After 1 March you can still register for the places which are still open, but the reduction doesn't apply any more, of course.

Extra reduction for Eastern-european participants

For participants from Central European countries and countries of the former Soviet Union specially reduced course fees are available thanks to a fund sponsored by western participants. Here you find more information in English or Czech.

Accommodation through La Pellegrina

Simple accommodation in double or single rooms at the ceramics school hostel

Most participants stay at the hostel, a school dormitory of the local ceramic artisan school, where students live during school terms. In the summer the rooms are used for tourists. It has 36 mini apartments with two rooms, a larger and a smaller, each sharing a toilet and shower. The larger rooms are mainly used as doubles, the smaller as singles. There are normal beds, no dorms or bunk beds. The facilities are simple. The building dates from the communist past of Czechia. It is a 15 minutes' walk from the hostel to the monastery, where all musical activities take place. There is a somewhat limited number of single rooms at the hostel available to an extra charge of EUR 190. If you want a single room, please let us know at an early stage. There is a breakfast buffet in the dining room.

Superior accommodation at Penzion Elektra

If you prefer more luxurious and well-kept environment and want to stay closer to the monastery, Penzion Elektra might be right for you. Penzion Elektra is next to the monastery garden. A pleasant walk of a few minutes brings you to the monastery. Penzion Elektra offers accommodation in five spacious, tastefully and comfortably furnished rooms and an apartment. The rooms have a private bathroom with bath or shower. In the apartment two rooms share a bathroom. Some rooms have a terrace or balcony with spectacular views. All rooms have Wi-Fi. Although located in the old city center, the location is away from the main roads and borders on the gardens above the romantic valley of the river Lužnice. The sumptuous breakfast is served in the cozy "living room". The terrace has views of the gardens and the Lužnice. The guest house has its own parking facilities.

Accommodation in Elektra can only be booked through La Pellegrina. The surcharge for a double room is EUR 450 per person; for a single room EUR 725. The surcharge includes the extensive breakfast. We process preferences for accommodation in order of receipt of registrations. Experience shows that penzion Elektra is quickly fully booked.

Charlotte Look: I am thrilled to meet so many like-minded people in La Pellegrina. The encounter with the Czech singers and instrumentalists is an enrichment which once again proves that music knows no borders

Camping in the monastery garden

If you prefer to camp in the garden of the monastery, you get a discount of EUR 100 from the course fee. Tents, campers and caravans are welcome, electricity is available. The number of places is limited, there are simple sanitary facilities in the monastery, breakfast is not included. A camping spot in the monastery garden can only be booked through La Pellegrina.

Or book your accommodation in Bechyně yourself

In addition, there is the possibility to book your accommodation in Bechyně yourself. If you arrange your own accommodation and breakfast, you will receive a discount of EUR 100 from the course fee. You can only arrange that directly with the manager of the venue, see the instructions underneath. La Pellegrina does not bear responsibility and/or liability for the quality and services of these venues.


Breakfast is provided at the hostel and penzion Elektra for the participants staying there. Lunch is served in the monastery as a buffet. Surveys showed that not everyone was happy with a collective dinner. We therefore decided to organize the evening meal only for the first and last evening of the course, in the Protivínka restaurant on the market square. In between, everyone has the free choice where he or she is going to have dinner. There are now plenty of opportunities in Bechyně. You can even enjoy excellent Vietnamese or Italian food. This way the course has become a bit cheaper and everyone is free to choose what suits best, also in terms of budget.


If you just want to come along with your friend or spouse who is participating in the course, you pay EUR 495 for meals and accomodation in double rooms at the hostel, breakfast, lunch and some dinners. Participation, travel and insurance expenses are not included. You are invited to sit in on all rehearsals, concerts and other activities during the course. Also, there is plenty to see and do in and around Bechyně. Please call or email La Pellegrina for more info.

Joke van Raalte and Wout van den Heuvel: "This course is a very pleasant musical brainwash"

Large instrument? Rent instead of bringing your own!

Sometimes it is more convenient for players of large instruments like cello, double bass and viola da gamba to rent it locally than to pay an extra ticket. La Pellegrina can help to rent quality instruments at a surcharge. Count with a rent of about EUR 100 for the duration of the course. It is recommended to request it at an early stage. With some luck you get to play the spare instrument of one of our teachers. For string players, it is recommended to bring your own bow.

Taking part in more than one course

If you want to participate in more than one course offered by La Pellegrina in the same year, we can offer you a EUR 100 reduction. Please complete both forms, and click the checkbox at the option 'I wish to register for both courses'.

In short: all prices and reductions

  When registering
before 1 March:
When registering
on or after 1 March:
Participation in course incl. double room in the hostel EUR 850 EUR 900
Student participating in course incl. double room in the hostel EUR 500 EUR 550
Auditor incl. double room at the hostel EUR 495 EUR 495
Supplement single room at the hostel EUR 190 EUR 190
Supplement double room at penzion Elektra (per person) EUR 450 EUR 450
Supplement single room in at penzion Elektra EUR 725 EUR 725
Reduction for arranging your own accommodation or camping in the monastery garden (no breakfast) EUR 100 EUR 100
Reduction when participating in two courses (in total, not per course) EUR 100 EUR 100
Surcharge for PayPal payment of the deposit EUR 10 EUR 10

We speak English

The courses organised by La Pellegrina are are open to an international audience, with most participants coming from Western and Eastern Europe. We do, however, have some regular guests from Japan, Taiwan, Canada, Australia, Mexico and the US. As English will probably be the language we all have in common, tuition will be mainly in English.

Jean Walker: Each year on returning I think it can't be as good as the previous year… and it is!!!

Holiday in Czechia

The La Pellegrina summer schools offer excellent possibilities to combine seven to ten days of music-making with further holidaying in Czechia, which for its peaceful and beautiful countryside is an increasingly popular part of Europe.

Laurie Boltjes: 'I always go on a long cycling tour after the course. Sometimes some of the other participants join me for a short holiday.'

Katy and Jan de Jongh: 'Before the course, we stay in Prague for a few days, and afterwards, we have a quiet holiday near the town. Bohemia is so cheap that we can afford to stay a little longer.'


If La Pellegrina is unable to offer a place, or is forced to cancel a course, any fees that have been paid will be entirely refunded. Deposits cannot be refunded to applicants who withdraw from the course. Applicants cancelling after 15 June are obliged to pay the entire course fee. It is therefore advisable to take out a cancellation insurance.

La Pellegrina retains the right to change tutors and programmes if such changes are considered necessary.



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