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I wish to participate in the summer school

Baroque music in 415 Hz: Buxtehude & his potential son-in-law Bach

Bechyně, Czech Republic, Thursday 15 - Sunday 25 July 2021

The course fee is EUR 900 per person; students and participants up to 35 years pay EUR 550. Early registration (before 1 March) gives a EUR 50 reduction. Registration for more than one summer school entitles to a reduction of EUR 50.

I know about this course in the first place from:

friends/acquaintances, e.g.
advert in a newspaper

I register as instrumentalist. Please fill out the questions appearing below

I wish to play the following instrument(s): (a' = 415 Hz; multiple choices are possible by keeping the Ctrl key pressed)

Ability: fairly advanced  well advanced  student professional standard

Mention some pieces you can play well:
I have  little  some  extensive experience in chamber music.

I register as a singer. Please fill out the questions appearing below

My voice type is:

soprano  mezzosoprano  alto  countertenor  tenor  baritone  bass
Ability:  fairly advanced  well advanced  singing student  professional standard
Please mention several pieces which you can sing well:
I have  little  some  extensive experience in solo ensembles.

I wish to attend as auditor (fee EUR 495)

Offer: free ACMP membership for La Pellegrina summerschool participants

Tick the box on the registration form to gain a free membership to ACMP – Associated Chamber Music Players – an international network of people who love to play chamber music. Our partner organisation ACMP is offering La Pellegrina summerschool participants a free ACMP membership until October 1st of this year. When the validity expires you are free to renew or cancel your membership. ACMP is a worldwide community of 2.500 adult amateur players who share the love of playing chamber music. ACMP’s programs help players connect with each other and engage in chamber music activities. More information: Of course this offer does not apply to current ACMP members.

Standard accommodation is a double room at the ceramics school hostel.
Please indicate underneath if you want another type of accommodation.

I prefer a single room at the ceramics school hostel (surcharge EUR 190; availability limited)
I prefer a double room at Penzion Elektra No longer available; Penzion Elektra is already fully booked (surcharge EUR 450 per person; availability limited)
I prefer a single room at Penzion Elektra Single rooms are no longer available; they are already fully booked (surcharge EUR 725; availability limited)
I would like to camp in the monastery garden (reduction EUR 100; availability limited )
I arrange my own accommodation and breakfast (reduction EUR 100)

Other wishes concerning accommodation:

Diet requirements:


I intend to travel to the summer school in the following way: (please select an option)

Different, i.e.:

I am willing to contribute EUR to the reduction fund for participants from Eastern Europe and students. 
I am a full-time student or up to 35 years (fee EUR 550, please send in by e-mail a copy of proof of registration or passport as proof of age)
I am a music student and wish to receive information about reductions. 
I am citizen of a Central European or former Soviet Union country and apply for the relevant reduction.
(for more information see CE prices or České ceny)

Remarks and additional information:

I agree to the conditions stated in Practical matters and elsewhere on this site (mandatory!).
I understand my personal data are stored for practical reasons related to the organisation of the summer school. They will never be shared with third parties without my explicit permission.
I have paid a deposit of EUR 250 by bank transfer or by PayPal (paying the deposit is required for further processing!)

Please see the practical matters page for other convenient ways of international payment.

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