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Perhaps you have a spare place in your car, or you want a ride. Perhaps you intend to travel by air, train or bus and prefer to travel with others. If you want to travel together by car or public transport you can look at the list of participants. It shows how one intends to travel. Please feel free to take up contact with other participants. Probably you will find like-minded souls and can agree on a trip together.

By air or by train

Those who travel by air, by bus or by train to Prague can best continue by train to České Budějovice. We suggest the following bus and train connection:

The first leg is a direct bus from the airport to Prague main railway station (Praha hlavní nádraží). The second leg is a direct express train to České Budějovice, arriving at 17:01. The total costs are about EUR 15. It is only a 500 meter walk from the railway station to the conservatoire. We will meet this train with a van to take large instruments and luggage. Other public transport connections can be found on the Czech journey planner for all public transport (also available in English and German).

An alternative option is travelling to Linz (Austria). From there, the train takes roughly two hours to České Budějovice. Linz can be reached by night train from the Netherlands and Germany, for example via this connection:

By car

Motorists coming from Western Europe are advised to use the following route: Frankfurt-Nürnberg-Amberg-border crossing Waidhaus/Rozvadov. Then keep following the motorway to Plzen until the exit for Nepomuk following the E49, keep going in the direction of České Budějovice. From the Czech border it is a 200 km drive.

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