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List of central works

A list of all musical works performed during the courses from 1991 you find here

Experiences of participants


Photos of the Bechyně summer schools

Some nice pictures to get an impression of the summer schools, their atmosphere and surroundings. The pictures are made by participants who found time to take pictures as well. Thanks!

Courses 2013:

2. Schubert and his Czech Contemporaries

Photos 2013 Wout van den Heuvel

3. Baroque Music for the Peace of Utrecht (1713)

Photos 2013 Annemieke Zwanenburg

Photos 2013 Lea Schuiling

Courses 2010:

1. Mozart Opera

Photos Ferdinand Bogman

3. Viennese Baroque in 415 Hz

Photos Herman Lodder

Summer Schools 2008:

The Viennese Classics for Chamber Choir & Orchestra

Jaromír Ernekr's photos

Maite de Wit's impression of the Classical project in Bechyně

Orchestra & Chamber Music from the Romantic Era

Jaromír Ernekr's photos

Baroque in 415Hz

Jaromír Ernekr's photos

Lea Schuiling's impression of the Baroque project in Bechyně



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