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List of central works

A list of all musical works performed since 1991 you find here

Experiences of participants

Chantal van Bruggen

Great to see such a project grow, a project in which professionals and amateurs together create a fascinating and beautiful production!

Peter de Vrijer

Working with a group towards an ultimate performance is for me very motivating.

Atty Tordoir

Joining La Pellegrina is a fantastic experience. You meet people from all corners of the world that share your passion and are willing to go to the end and a bit further. And there are always plenty of people with whom you laugh your head off during breaks - yes, there are break, but not many -  or talk about things that concern you. And all in a wonderful country in which you feel in many ways like being in the 50s.

Yolande Krooshof

A nice compliment during the farewell evening was good nourishment for a few months to come!

Noortje Briët

In a beautiful setting with serious and intense and fun music, that's what you La Pellegrina offers

Rhodan ten Kleij

That volume you can get out of your voice, combined with your family miles away being at home – they don’t suffer hearing it. A win-win situation.

Jaap van Luin

I came home in my study and thought 'how long have I been gone?" I really thought it had been months, but it was only two weeks ... Totally busy doing something else that also gave a great sense of satisfaction. A rich experience, for not so much money

Maarit Ryynänen

Making Baroque opera with musicians, singers and dancers show that the whole really is more than the sum of its parts. What a great experience!

Guus Vijftigschild

Pellegrina is what you need!!!!! An inspiring musical summer in Czechia!

Margriet van der Meij

Your playing gets a huge boost from it! I'm looking forward to next year.

Ellen Ehrnreich

Playing with a piano trio including Zbynek Padourek has made me grow musically

Riet van der Woude

Playing with professional musicians in a chamber music course is great. The interaction with the professional player lifts up the whole ensemble, great!

Casper van Dongen

As high as the monastery of Bechyne rises above the Lužnice, so high rises the Czech music above the European plain, from the Netherlands to Ceské Budejovice. So let us pilgrim back to Bechyne!

Joke van Raalte en Wout van der Heuvel

Tips and inspiration of the teachers work for a long while. With good preparation and good coaching, we brought the music to a higher level. We enjoyed that!



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