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Play Chamber Music with the Kinsky Trio Prague & Friends

České Budějovice, Czech Republic, Saturday 20 - Sunday 28 July 2019


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With whom

This chamber music summer school offers a unique opportunity to receive not just coaching, but also to play with leading Czech chamber music players. Passionate chamber music specialists, the members of the excellent Kinsky Trio Prague: Lucie Hůlová (violin), Martin Sedlák (cello) and Veronika Böhmová (piano) and members of the famous Martinů Quartet: Zbyněk Paďourek (viola) and Jitka Vlašanková (cello). Violinist Pavel Hůla, violist Jan Nykrýn and clarinettist Ludmila Peterková will also play and teach. Probably (when sufficient participants register) more excellent Czech chamber music specialists will join the team of tutors.

Rens de Graaf: "The formula is excellent. Take for instance the tutor's concert. Always absolutely fabulous"

Founded in 1998, the Kinsky Trio Prague is one of the outstanding young Czech chamber ensembles. Since 2004 the Trio has had the honour of bearing the name ‘Kinsky’ by kind permission of this aristocratic Czech family from Kostelec nad Orlicí. The Trio studied at the Academy of Music in Prague under Václav Bernášek, cellist of the Kocián Quartet, has taken part in several master classes (e.g. with the Guarneri Trio and the Florestan Trio) and regularly consults with Pavel Hůla, former first violinist of the Pražák Quartet.

The Kinsky’s international career has taken them all over Europe  (Austria, Germany, Spain, Belgium, England, France), the U.S., Canada, Mexico and also the Seychelles. They regularly record for Czech Radio, and their concerts have also been broadcast in Mexico and the U.S. They have recorded several CDs for the French label Praga Digitals (distributed by Harmonia Mundi), warmly recommended by the international critiques.

In 2007 - 2009 the Kinsky Trio Prague organized its own series of chamber concerts at the Stone Bell House, an historic inn on the Old Town Square in their home city of Prague.

Yolande Krooshof: Every year I meet new people in the course. My musical world gets bigger and bigger!

Play with the professionals!

Every participant will play in two different, pre-formed ensembles. In principle each participant plays in one ensemble in which a member of the Kinsky Trio Prague, the Martinů Quartet or another professional chamber musician plays and teaches. The point of playing with a professional is to let yourself be inspired by his or her professional skills. A professional can help you with the sense of tempo, rhythm, dynamics, because he or she is experiencing the same and thereby helps the whole. If you get a chance to play with a great player, you will always profit. The members of the Kinsky Trio Prague,and their colleagues have great professional qualities and a deep interest in music and musicians. Play WITH them or UNDER their leadership will certainly contribute to the joy of making music.

Yuko Nagasawa: "The participants kindly helped me to play the chamber music. All the tutors coached us friendly and enthusiastically. The atmosphere was very nice. Such situation is unbelievable in Japan, because the distance between professional and amateur musicians is much bigger in Japan"

Tonny Visser: Thanks to Pellegrina, I have found precious music friends and have been enjoying music for years in the Czech Republic, but also in the Netherlands!

Tutors 2014
The tutors in 2014
The ensembles work under intensive guidance of teachers, either as a playing member of the ensemble or as a full-time coach. The aim is that everybody plays in one ensemble with a playing professional and one with a coach, but reality can sometimes be a bit unpredictable, so it can also be two ensembles with a coach or two with a playing professional. The ensembles present themselves in a concert. All ensembles from trio are possible, with or without piano. The ensembles will be formed in time, so you can prepare well at home. The project is open to individual players and existing ensembles. There is also time for occasional combinations in the evenings.

Elizabeth Nevrkla: "Having attended the summer course run by the Martinů String Quartet for the past thirteen years, I can vouch for the inspirational quality of their coaching. Their generosity of spirit is second to none"

Recommended works for this course: well-known and unknown chamber works from Haydn's quartets up to Schoenberg's Verklärte Nacht. Very suitable are the quartets of Dvořák, Brahms, Mozart, Beethoven, Ravel, Debussy, the quintets by Dvořák, Schubert, Brahms, Schumann and sextets by Dvořák, Brahms, Martinů and Schoenberg. Unique is the possibility to form larger and more complex combinations, also with winds, that are not easy to organize 'at home'. Think of Schubert's Octet, the Spohr Nonet and the Allegro for four string quartets by the Dutch romantic composer Van Bree.

The sheet music of commonly available repertoire is usually provided by the participants themselves. More uncommon repertoire is provided by La Pellegrina, usually in the form of a PDF sent by E-mail, which the participants are supposed to print out themselves and bring to the course.

Matthia Cox: "I have enjoyed every second and was totally immersed in music. The outside world did not matter..."

ensemble after performance
Ensemble after performance

For whom

You are a (very) experienced amateur, conservatory student or music teacher. You have wide experience with chamber music. You are willing to prepare the chamber music parts at home, so that you can play them well when you arrive. As a pianist, you are able to play solo parts. Preferably you form your ensemble in advance and rehearse a few times before coming to the course.

Lia van den Heuvel: "Pellegrina is for me ten days joy of making music, listening to music, and beautiful surroundings"

Week programme and daily schedule

Week programme

Jan Grijpink: "The course helps to delve musically and technically deeper into your favorite music!"

Daily Schedule

Erika Ploeger: "Pellegrina has become an indispensable part of my musical life"

playing with a professional
playing with a professional: who is amateur, who professional?


Read more about České Budějovice, the place where the course will be held:

Elaine Marchena: "Good coaching, great playing and nice people in an inspiring setting: that is Pellegrina!"

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In order to register, please fill out this form and pay a deposit of EUR EUR 250 (which is of course refundable in case you could not be placed).

Riet van der Woude: "It is and will always be a great course!"



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